Mirage™ Intelligence Analysis Platform

Find what’s real, fast.

Constant Integrated Awareness™

Our nation is at a critical juncture with our adversaries. Continued mission success hinges on our ability to understand the environment ahead of our adversary’s ability to adapt.  In order for analysts to properly manage risk, they must be able to move swiftly across multi-INT data, both historical and live, to grasp what can be known at a depth and breadth sufficient for the mission.

Precisely designed and engineered AI software is critical for taking early action ahead of our adversaries. Early action preserves freedom of action.  

Our team of experts at percipient.ai has spent the last four years dedicated to designing and building a human + machine team platform to accelerate analysis across multi-INT data in a way that builds trust with analysts & operators for speed and scale and at the edge.

Mirage is the first AI-enabled intelligence analysis platform that provides these capabilities to the intelligence community in an open, integration-ready, and secure manner.

Understand the World More Precisely & Decisively from the Ground, Air & Space

Mirage™ FMV Module

Mirage’s Full Motion Video (FMV) Module is designed to look across multi-INT ground and air sensor data for identity creation, network discovery, pattern of life analysis, geo-correlation and reporting in a unified collaborative framework.

Mirage FMV can process either Live streams directly into the system at the edge or process terabytes of multi-INT data captured external to Mirage to look back in time.

Mirage™ GSM Module

Mirage’s Geospatial (GSM) Module is a collaborative cloud-based framework facilitates inter-team collaboration for Order of Battle situational awareness and change over time alerting capabilities.

Mirage™ VRM Module

Mirage’s Vehicle Recognition (VRM) Module is an on-the-go appliance module designed to for operators to succeed in missions where understanding mobile & fixed surveillance environments are critical.

Mirage VRM ties back into a Home Station to facilitate further correlation across missions. 

Going Beyond the Human & Machine Team To Create Enterprise Intelligence

From day one, Mirage provides individual analysts a competitive advantage. Over time, Mirage at scale is the most direct way to stay ahead of adversaries and create Enterprise Intelligence for your organization.

Human Intelligence

Analysts brings their ability to contextualize information, rich understanding of historical events, deep cultural knowledge to the table. However, there is currently more data than humans alone can review in a timely manner. Additionally, human intelligence travels with analysts and can be lost when analysts retire or leave the workforce.

Machine Intelligence

Computer vision can look through a large quantity of data that might be unchanging or stay laser focused on a specific area of interest to surface interesting information when there is a tremendous input of unstructured data. However, machine intelligence alone cannot offer context or understanding.

Mirage by percipient.ai

Enterprise Intelligence

Mirage starts off with a deep understanding of the missions our analysts face with the end goal of elevating their ability to look deeper into the data available to them and excel in their intelligence tradecraft.

Built on the foundation of cutting edge deep neural network based computer vision algorithms, Mirage takes on the task of accelerating analysis through hundreds of hours or multiple years of multi-source data for analysts to review.

Because our algorithms are coupled with intuitive workflows, analysts can provide focused input where it matters. Their time and energy can be spent contextualizing the knowns and understanding the uncertainties surfaced by machine intelligence. Analysts are strengthened in their ability to provide actionable insights quickly.

Over time, the human and machine team effort within Mirage will strengthen the foundational computer vision models of the system and help retain tradecraft knowledge provided through analyst input. 

This ensures that the every day work of an analyst creates enduring value not only for their individual intelligence analysis but increases the overall enterprise intelligence of the organization as well.

Cutting Edge AI Technology

    • Best in class unconstrained facial and vehicle recognition
    • Highly accurate object detection & classification for ground, air and space based imagery.
    • Custom object detection
    • Mirage™ PRIME™ (Percipient.ai Retraining Infrastructure for Model Enhancement)

Our Commitment to Security

    • Our customers own their data and models.
    • Our customer’s data and models are exclusive to their enterprise. No one else is accessing or profiting off their data.