Mirage™ Intelligence Analysis Platform

Constant Integrated Awareness: Analyze and geo-correlate across many types of sensor data in near-real time and at scale for persons and objects of interest. 

Humans & Machines Together: Characterize


Mirage™ starts off with a deep understanding of the missions our analysts face.

Cutting edge deep neural network based computer vision algorithms, coupled with intuitive workflows, take analysts from raw data to iterative analysis through intelligence assessment.


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Machines: Recognize

Mirage™, built on the foundation of cutting edge deep neural network based computer vision algorithms, take on the task of accelerating analysis through hundreds of hours or multiple years of multi-source data.

Mirage™ detects and alerts analysts on regions, objects and persons of interest to their mission.

Humans: Contextualize 

Analysts provide focused input where it matters.

Analysts time and focus can be on contextualizing the knowns and understanding the uncertainties surfaced by machines.

Cutting Edge Technology images

Cutting Edge AI Technology

    • Best in class unconstrained facial recognition
    • Highly accurate object detection & classification for ground, air and space based imagery.
    • Mirage™ PRIME™ (Percipient.ai Retraining Infrastructure for Model Enhancement)
    • Custom object detection
Cutting Edge Technology images
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Our Commitment to Security

    • Our customers own their data and models.
    • Our customer’s data and models are exclusive to their enterprise. No one else is accessing or profiting off their data. 

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