SANTA CLARA, CA. AND WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oct 1, 2019 –, creator of the Mirage™ Intelligence Analysis Platform is pleased to announce the operational procurement of Mirage’s Full Motion Video Module and Mirage’s Geospatial Module by organizations in the US Intelligence Community and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), respectively. is the leading artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision firm in Silicon Valley focused on intelligence and national security missions. Mirage’s modules provide state-of-the-art computer vision and correlation to operators and analysts in front line missions. 

In addition, is delighted to welcome Lupa Systems, returning investor Venrock and Valor Equity Partners in the recent funding of their Series B financing round.

“It is an honor for the entire team to deliver Mirage into the hands of our nation’s intelligence and national security community to help protect and defend our nation and its values”, shared Balan Ayyar, Founder and CEO of the firm.

“The recognition of this market and transformative power of these products brought the most forward thinking venture capital investors in the world to us.” Ayyar continued,  “We are pleased to welcome Ben Fitzgerald from Lupa to our board. Ben has a rich history in DoD, on the Hill and in policy on the most pressing national security challenges. He joins Nick Beim, from Venrock, a leading venture capitalist in the national security and dual use market. has a tremendous board team to guide our growth.” 

In discussing the round Nick Beim shared that “ is distinctive — a rare combination of highly experienced national security leadership and an exceptional caliber of AI talent.” 

Ben Fitzgerald,’s newest board member added, “ has developed a unique combination of advanced technology, workflow, and governance to set the standard for how computer vision systems should be implemented.”  That combination is the result of a design philosophy for AI that is at the heart of the Mirage platform.  

“Mirage’s design optimizes the human and machine teaming and trust required in these complex missions,” explained Raj Shah,’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, “We believe Mirage’s enterprise capabilities will be indispensable to the intelligence community and similar commercial customers in the years to come.”

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