Raj ShahChief Product Officer & Co-Founder, former head of Google Maps Data
  • Mr. Raj Shah – Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Percipient.
  • Nationally recognized Engineering Director who spearheaded the development of Google Maps.
  • Previously the Engineer Director for Microsoft for Bing Maps.


As a proven technology, management, & business leader for 20+ years, Raj brings a unique combination of creative leadership, entrepreneurial success, management discipline, committed execution, and global experience in how product, development, and Ops teams build technology products on a rhythm for commercial success.

His career spans from building successful start-ups to scaling and streamlining large team operations facing explosive growth, incl., setting up global operations in various geos. Raj understands what it takes to organize creative teams of scientists, engineers, product managers, and designers to bring together the right ingredients to mobilize action and to deliver market-ready products on a predictable rhythm.

Currently, Raj is advising several companies.

At Microsoft, he led the maps organization, responsible for data and imagery acquisition and creation, and maps services to end-users and businesses for desktops/mobiles. Under his leadership the team created assets that prompted Uber’s acquisition.

His early stints at Google included teaming with its senior execs and both the founders to establish a disciplined execution process for its exploding global engineering teams and projects across 50+ engineering centers worldwide. Later, Raj headed creation of Google-owned Maps by establishing a large global infrastructure (managing a cross-geo team of >4,000) for all countries mapped by Google. Crowd-sourcing integration further leveraged users’ local knowledge power, making Google maps now the most used resource globally. This is typically how Raj scales a nascent technology idea, establishes a deep infrastructure, and then delivers on a predictable rhythm to lead global markets.

Raj’s extensive technology background, his deep experience in product development, his successes in meeting GTM timelines, his network, and setting up scalable ops uniquely qualify him to take on challenges high-growth technology company may face.

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