The whole world is a Mirage. See through it.
Artificial Intelligence can help you find what's real. Fast.
Don't drown in data.
Learn to breathe underwater. With's computer vision products you can surf the Tsunami or deep dive and predict the current.
From raw data to actionable intelligence at speed and scale.
Deep learning algorithms tailor made for object detection, classification, activity recognition, and automated alerting.


Precision built for speed, scale and seamless integration in one platform.  Our mission is to accelerate what can be known, so your team can spend time on what can’t.


Mirage™ is computer vision as it should be: open architecture, modular and expandable. Designed for multi-source intelligence geo-correlation, intuitive learning and easy report generation.

Approach’s machine learning platform, Mirage™, is used to elevate and accelerate the analysis of full motion video, geo-spatial intelligence, and multi-source intelligence data to provide decisive intelligence to our nation’s professionals.


Decisive intelligence is the difference between winning and losing in business and between nations. Don’t let your enemy hide in plain sight. Unleashing the power of your data is no longer a choice, your organization’s mission depends on it. Let Mirage™ help your team find what’s real fast.


From ingestion to visualization—you’ll have control of your data, your model and the system that delivers it.


We understand the missions that rely on your systems, which is why every part of your model is built with the integrity of the data in mind.


Speed. Scale. Integration. In real time.



The sharpest minds.  The toughest challenges.  The most important missions.

  • "Now is the time to dream about something bigger than incremental improvement—we have the power to transform—and it all begins with data."

    Balan Ayyar Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
  • "One source of truth is within our reach and its foundation is in the data."

    Raj Shah Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, and former Head of Google Maps
  • "Free your data. Its superpower comes from being shared."

    Balan Ayyar Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
  • “The quickest way to become irrelevant is to ignore the power of your data."

    Anantha Bangalore Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer,


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