VOA News: US Military Gearing Up for Digital Arms Race

AUGUST 29, 2017 – “Our adversaries have been modernizing,” warns Marine Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart, as he spoke to the group of reporters, business representatives and academic experts gathered for the Industry Days series at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) headquarters in Washington, D.C.

During Industry Days, top thinkers at the U.S. government and in the private sector meet to collaborate on how commercial technologies could help solve problems that agency experts have identified.

Percipient.ai, led by former US Joint Task Force Commanding General Balan Ayyar, showcased how artificial intelligence can be applied to video to scour hundreds of hours of video at speed and scale to track potential adversaries and help protect the U.S. forces.

“This is a kind of capability that helps you get into productive analytics and helps you protect forces,” said company cofounder Balan Ayyar. “You can check any person in any video,” he said.

Click here to read Jeff Seldin’s article about Percipient.ai’s DIA Industry Days presentation about artificial intelligence in video analytics.

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