About Us

Percipient.ai is a Silicon Valley-based
advanced analytics product company

We are focused exclusively on delivering artificial intelligence products and services
to solve the most pressing intelligence and national security missions



  • Anantha Bangalore Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
  • Balan Ayyar CEO & Co-Founder
  • Betty Pourshahbazi
    Betty Pourshahbazi Team Manager
  • Girish Narang
    Girish Narang
  • Jérôme Berclaz, PhD
    Jérôme Berclaz, PhD Lead Scientist
  • Raj Shah Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, former head of Google Maps Data
  • Reechik Chatterjee
    Reechik Chatterjee Vice President of Technical Sales and Operations
  • Sunondo Ghosh
    Sunondo Ghosh Head of Engineering
  • Timo Pylvanainen, PhD
    Timo Pylvanainen, PhD Chief Scientist
  • Vasu Parameswaran, PhD
    Vasu Parameswaran, PhD Principal Scientist
  • Winber Xu
    Winber Xu Software Engineer
  • Yash Vyas
    Yash Vyas Backend Engineer


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